Uureg lake

Uureg lake
Uureg lake

Uureg lake
Uureg lake


Uureg is a saline lake located in the hollow of Turgen and Tsagaan Shiveet mountain ranges. It is situated at an altitude of 1463m above sea level  to the west of Great lakes depression and  northwest of Uvs basin.

Area:239 sq.km




Tsagaan shuvuut, Kharig and Tsagduul are the main rivers flowing to Uureg lake.

The surrounding mountains are inhabited by  argali sheep, deer, leopard,  ibex, boar, roe deer, wolf, fox, squirrel, corsac foxes, rabbits, marmots, lizard, and black tailed gazelles.

Many species of birds dwell here as well such as  geese, ducks, pelts, bustards, cranes, cuckoo, eagle, woodpeckers, lark, owl, elms, gulls,  and storks.

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