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What to bring on a tour ?

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

We know you are excited to start traveling in Mongolia. But are you ready for the unexpected adventure ?

Here are the list of important items you will need to bring on a tour.

1. Hiking boots

Most of the activities in Mongolian tours are walking, hiking and trekking. Hence, you will need a good pair of boots to wade rocky hills, forested mountains, sand dunes, glaciers, caves and craters. Long sleeved boots are recommended for horse-riding trips but not required.

2. Power banks and spare batteries

Please keep in mind that there will be very few chances to charge batteries during tours as most attractions are located in isolated areas. People take advantage of the electricity at random restaurants and camps they stay. However, you may be able to charge phones in the tour vans with a USB cord. We encourage our customers to bring spare batteries and power banks. Solar chargers are very practical and helpful as well.

3. Windbreakers and raincoats

Even in the middle of summer, Mongolia could be very windy and cold especially in the west and northern areas. Some days will be rainy as well. Bringing windbreakers and raincoat will ensure a warm and cozy traveling experience.

4. Headlight or Torch

The Mongolian wide steppe gets pitch black at night. On one hand, the stars and the milky way look much better and brighter, but on the other hand it is possible to get lost in the dark. So torches will be of good use to go at nights.

5. Sunscreens, shades and caps

In addition to its dryness, Mongolia is usually sunny. Getting tanned is nice but getting sunburn is not the greatest experience. We advise you to bring protective items like sunscreen, shades and caps. They work great in protecting you from direct sunlight and making you enjoy the beautiful moments out in the nature. Highly recommended for those who are going to the Gobi desert.

6. First aid kit and hygienic items

Please bring medicine and bandages for yourself . We never know what happens. In addition to medicines, bringing toilet rolls and wet wipes are recommended. Toilets are very different in Mongolian outskirt areas (outhouses with no running water) and you may not find running water for several days in a row.

7. Smart phones and kindles

Bringing phone helps you communicate and also call for help when needed. You could also listen to music, record beautiful moments, use the maps, take notes etc. If you are keen on reading, make sure you bring your kindles.

8. Map

Having a map helps you navigate in any countries. You could also keep track of your journey everyday whilst traveling.

9. Sleeping bag and pillow

Although tour agencies offer sleeping bags, it is always good to have your private sleeping items. You could also bring pillows for napping in the vans as they help resting your head and neck properly.

10. A solid vehicle/ knife/matches/tent blowtorch/ ropes/ compass/ satellite phone

If you are interested in traveling on your own, those mentioned above are some basic things to bring.

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