The north Mongolian territory consists of Khuvsgul, and part of Bulgan, Selenge, Darkhan, Orkhon provinces.  The main cities in the north are Murun, Darkhan, and Erdenet. Plenty of rainfall and rich soil makes it an important agricultural zone especially for grain and vegetable field. North Mongolia is famous for its crystal clear lake -Khuvsgul and the Tsaatan tribe who feed off of reindeer.  Khuvsgul is the second biggest ( and the deepest (262m) lake in Mongolia. The Tsaatan people live in tepees, and move several times a month searching for good pastoral for the reindeer. There are about 1500-1800 domesticated reindeer in Mongolia.

The climate is between 25-30C in summer, and cold around minus 25-45C in winter. Species such as Mongolian Taimen (the biggest fish in Mongolia), deer, roe deer, musk deer, moose, wolf, vulture, falcon, wild boar inhabit in this area. 

Destinations in North Mongolia

The Tsaatan tribe
Khuvsgul Lake
Delger Murun
Amarbaysgalant Monastery
Darkhad depression
Uran Togoo Volcano
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