har-us nuur
har-us nuur

har-us nuur
har-us nuur


 Khar-Us national park

Undoubtedly the  best place for bird-watching in Mongolia is Khar-Us lake in Khar-us national park,  40km to the east of Hovd city.

Some common inhabitants are wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict gulls and herring gulls. Due to the huge marsh delta created by the flow of Hovd river onto the Khar-Us lake, it is pretty hard to get to the lake on foot. However, a metal tower was set up to see the reed islands; it could be the easiest way to watch the lake.

 Khar us nuur is one of the six major lakes  of  "Great Lakes Depression". It is also considered as the second largest fresh water lake in Mongolia (No.1 Khuvsgul lake)

Area: 1,578 km²

Altitude: 1,157 m

Length: 72.2 km

Width: 36.5 km

Volume: 3.432 km³

Mean depth: 2.2 m

Catchment area: 74,500 km²