Experience Mongolia on Horseback With Magnificent Mongolia’s Horse Riding Tours

In the days when the legendary armies of Genghis Khan conquered the plains and valleys of East Asia, the greatest archers every to draw a bow rode on horseback- burning their conquests into the pages of history to be admired for centuries to come.


These extraordinary men honed a method of riding and archery that made them unbeatable on the battlefield and inspired awe in master archers all over the world.


Now, you can experience the sprawling splendor of Mongolia from horseback- just like those conquering heroes of old. Join a tour group of riders on the native Mongolian horse breed- the Mongoi. These sturdy animals have served Mongolians for thousands of years. Now, you too can embark on a unique journey with one of these extraordinary creatures.


The Magnificent Mongolia Tour Company proudly offers this singularly Mongolian-style adventure tour. For the first time, Western visitors can get a real taste of this one of a kind historical experience.