The Gobi Desert


The south Mongolian territory consists of Dund-Govi, Umnu-Govi, Dorno-Govi provinces. It is also known as the Gobi desert. Many people think the Gobi is merely a plain desert, but there is so much more!

Although the majority of the Gobi is massive steppe and sand dunes, it also incorporates ice glacier, granite rock mountains, red sandstone cliffs, colorful clay scarps, and oasis. The climate is dry and hot between plus 25-40C in summer, and cold around minus 25-35C in winter. It could be the only desert in the world where it snows so much. Number of dinosaur fossils were found at Bayanzag cliffs, Khermen Tsav canyon in Umnu-Govi province. Species such as Mongolian wild ass (Khulan), antelopes, Argali (wild sheep), Ibex (wild goat), wolves , Lammergeier vultures, falcons, the Gobi bear-Mazaalai and snow leopards inhabit in this area. 

The Great Gobi Tour


Take the most commonly reserved tour to the south; a week of  adventure ride through the famous Gobi desert. 



The silk road tour


Did you know Kharkhorin,the ancient capital of Mongolia, was one of the most important cities in the history of the Silk Road.

Visit Kharkhorin, while exploring the flamboyant sites of Gobi desert along the way.



The Gobi Mirage Tour


Join our 6-day fun trip to the Gobi desert. This tour is suitable for those who have limited time of stay in Mongolia yet still want to experience the Gobi desert. 



the camel festival tour


The Mongolian camel festival takes place in every March. This special tour allows you to experience the intriguing festival and yet other attractions of Gobi desert such as Khongor sand dunes, Yol valley,  and Tsagaan Suvarga. 



The Gobi discovery Tour


The addition of Terelj National Park in the tour itinerary allows you to experience the contrast of Mongolian mountainous area and the vast steppe of the Gobi desert.



Destinations in South Mongolia-The Gobi Desert

Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain
Tsagaan Suvarga
Bayanzag- The Flaming Cliffs
Yol Valley
Khongor Sand Dunes
Ongi Monastery ruins
Baga gazriin chuluu
Ikh gazriin chuluu
Khermen Tsav
Ikh Bogd Mountain
Orog lake
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