The Magnificent Gobi Mirage Tour

Imagine, six days in the austere beauty of the Gobi Desert. It is an iconic place with an extraordinary history. Now, with Magnificent Mongolia based in the Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia- you can spend six unforgettable days exploring this one of a kind location.


On day one, you’ll see glorious rock formations in Tsagaan Suvarga. On day two, you’ll gaze upon the verdant green mountaintops of Yol Valley. On day three, move into the beating heart of the Gobi Desert as you experience the shifting sands of the Khongor Sand Dunes. On day four, you’ll take in the splendor of the red rock formations of Bayanzag- known to the locals as “the flaming cliffs.” On the fourth day of your adventure, you’ll visit the Ongi Monastery- a lonely and compelling location that is the heart of a system of spirituality like no other. On day five, visit the lush greenery of Khugnu-Tarni National Park where lush greenery and natural wonders abound. On the final day of your Mongolian adventure, you’ll visit the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Take in the modern Mongolian culture and recount your journey in style.


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