The Eastern Mongolia


The east Mongolian territory consists of Khentii, Sukhbaatar, Dornod provinces. 

This part of Mongolia is known as the home of Chingis Khaan and of other good Mongolian men like Robin hood who would murder the corrupted officials and give back to the community. It is full of historic sites such as Khukh nuur where Chingis khan was entitled as the king of Mongolia, Deluun Boldog where Chingis Khan was born. East Mongolia features endless steppe and forested mountains of Khan-Khentii range.

The fastest horse breeds are believed to be from the east. Thus, it is common for the nomads to buy stallions or mares from here to strengthen their own herd of horses.


The chingis khaan tour


The eastern Mongolia is full of historical sites as the great Chingis khan was born and lived in this area. Join us on a tour and experience the wild nature where Chingis grew up.



The Blue lake lies at the feet of Khar Z

the legendary

blue lake tour


Visit the lake where Temujin was throned as the Chingis Khaan. The beautiful Terelj National Park as well as the Equestrian Statue of Chingis are included on the tour.