Amarbaysgalant Monastery

The Amarbaysgalant is one of the biggest buddhist monasteries in Mongolia. Dedicated as a final rest place for the great St. Zanabazar (the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia), the monastery was built by the order of Manchurian Emperor as he admired him. The building processed from 1727-1736 with over 40 temples set in symmetrical pattern, the main halls leading to one another in north-south axis while the secondary buildings are laid on parallel sides. It is one of the few monasteries that survived from the Communist purge in 1938. Now only the central section of the monastery remained with over 20 buildings. It is said that on the way to find a place to build the monastery, they saw two kids playing happily whose name were Amar and Baysgalant. They were then inspired to build the monastery on the exact spot and name it after the kids' names.

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